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Grown in the pristine farm land of the Atherton Tableland in North Queensland, west of Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef.

Dennis and Maryann Salvetti have been farming for over 35 years and produce grass seed and legumes for
both the Australian Domestic and Export Markets.

White and Black Chia Seed are the first food grade products grown, graded and packed by the Salvetti Family
under their Australian Superfoods NQ (ASF) brand on their red volcanic soils of North Queensland.


The implementation of a clean green farming system ensures healthy food to the nation and internationally.


This fourth generation farming operation brings Australian Chia from the farm gate to the consumer plate.


Australian Superfood’s Chia is grown under a HACCP accreditation programme ensuring food safety is of utmost importance.


All Australian Superfoods NQ’s Chia is packed in specialty bags and stored in rooms which have a controlled atmosphere ideal for storing bulk chia until it is sold.


Chia has a 36 month life span if stored in a cool dry environment.


Every line of chia is fully tested to meet all requirements for food safety and all lines come with specification and certificates of analysis.

Australian Superfoods NQ supplies Chia throughout Australia and Internationally.


Send your email now to: info@australiansuperfoodsnq.com.au

Mail: P.O. Box 188 Tolga Queensland, 4882

Call for more info: 0447 933 743 Phone International: +61 0447 933 743


Chia seeds available from Australian Superfoods NQ are: HACCP Food Safety registered No. SQI 4272. Australiansuperfoods NQ Chia seeds are grown under all the HACCP protocols. Chia seeds grown by Australian Superfoods NQ are Government laboratory tested. Chia seeds grown by your very own Australian Superfoods NQ exceed all Australian and New Zealand food codes of practice.


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