Our black chia seed is grown in the pristine farmland of the Atherton Tablelands in North Queensland, west of Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef. We are very proud to be supplying Australian chia to our customers. You can be confident that you are buying a genuinely Australian-grown product direct from the farmer.


If you are wondering what the difference between black and white chia seeds are... well other than the colour, there is none! They taste the same and are nutritionally identical. We think the black one is a bit prettier in a chia pudding and more visual when sprinkling on a salad.


Every crop of our chia is fully tested to meet all food safety requirements and is analysed in a Government laboratory to ensure the product is microbial and chemical residue free. We not only grow the chia but also grade, pack and store the chia seed.


Once packed the chia is transferred into a climate controlled room, to ensure freshness, high quality and a 36 month lifespan from date of production.

We are committed and passionate about bringing healthy Australian Chia Seeds straight from the farm gate to the consumer’s plate.

Australian Superfoods NQ Black Chia

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